As it has always been in World Advisors traditions succes achievement again and again! For the 2015/2016 academic year kindly read the below testimonies.

SAM_0746Guy Patrick.S. Batissek

Bangor University UK

            I have a very good impression about World Advisors.

All staff including the General Manager have been very closed to me from day 1 until i got my student visa today. There was a great follow up of documents, it was not easy at all but they made it with a positive feed-back. I believe even though i will be oversea, they will still be in touch to help me in everything i need.

I am very grateful and would always recommend World Advisors to my family and friends.

08 september 2015

SAM_0758Cynthia Olive Ntone Moussinga

University of Exeter UK

             Mon parcours depuis le choix de l’université jusqu’à l’obtention de mon visa a été un peu éprouvant et sincèrement sans l’aide de World Advisors jamais je n’y serais arrivée.

World Advisors a été au contrôle de tout, m’a rassuré constamment sur l’évolution de mon dossier, a trouvé toutes les solutions aux problèmes que l’on pouvait rencontrer. Bref je me sentais très en sécurité et très confiante quant à l’aboutissement de ce dossier. Toujours à mon écoute quelque soit l’heure.

Je suis très contente du service et je dois avouer que j’ai de la chance d’être tombée sur cette agence parce que sans elle on n’y aurait jamais pu y arriver.

10 septembre 2015

SAM_0759  Marie-Annick Okomo

Bangor University UK

               It was a blessing for me to come into contact with  World Advisors.

After encountering problems with my previous university, it was very difficult to got admission into a good university. When i heard about World Advisors and what they accomplished i decided to try, and i am glad i took that decision because i obtain the best results.

Thank you World Advisors for the job accomplished for getting a university and my visa to the UK.

14 september 2015

SAM_0767Abdoul Karim Ben Kaigama

Bangor University UK

         passing through World Advisors to have an admission to Bangor University and my visa, was a blessing for me. Experienced a professional and a very joyful team here at World Advisors.

        Thanks one more time

21 Septembre 2015

SAM_0786Marle Kevin Beyokol

University of Exeter UK

            I am Marle Kevin Beyokol and i am truly pround and happy to say: << I got my school through World Advisors>>.

           Things have not been easy during the process but i have never felt down. Mrs Nguenkan has always had my back and at some point i felt like i was her own son. they’ve fight for me until the end,until i got my admission then my visa. To resume World Advisors is a << professional’s family>>, and i truly recomend them to anyone who wants a chance to achieve their goals.

          Thanks again for all, it has been a pleasure and a greatful experience.

29 Septembre 2015

Emmanuel Siebadji

University of Gloucertershire

              This is a Testimony about the service World Advisors and peculiarly the urge help and support Momy MN ( Marie-Noelle Nguenkam , its’ General Manager)
gave forth to my application to UoG (University of Gloucertershire).
              Firstly I had a thorough orientation on what I wanted to do, Where can I do that course and more important in what conditions.
Momy Marie Noelle kindly and calmly oriented me on what to do and when to do, what is required and what is not  accepted.
I can say that without her help, I would have still be in the mist  of ignorance.
             Finally, I want to thanks World Advisors for the great job done for my application.
Many Thanks.
                       01 Octobre 2015



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