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2016 coming with more success in World Advisors. Find below Francis Nemy Ngwe’s comment when taking off to Bangor University for the January intake.

  I am Nemy Ngwe Francis Albin. I am very happy today because i got my visa for further studies in United Kingdom. The process from English Language course to this visa was so long and difficult, but with the help of World Advisors -Mrs Marie Noëlle Nguenkam and her staff – the process was very  successful. I would recommand students to World Advisors for studies abroad, It is a…

As it has always been in World Advisors traditions succes achievement again and again! For the 2015/2016 academic year kindly read the below testimonies.

Guy Patrick.S. Batissek Bangor University UK             I have a very good impression about World Advisors. All staff including the General Manager have been very closed to me from day 1 until i got my student visa today. There was a great follow up of documents, it was not easy at all but they made it with a positive feed-back. I believe even though i will be oversea, they will…

World Advisors GM posting with WA students in the US during her 2013 US visit

Philippe Bantsi Mongapdam

Bangor University UK I Philippe Rooswell Bantsi lack words to express my happiness and gratitude towards World Advisors for their kind help and attention from the obtention of my scholarship right to my arrival at  May God continue to bless World Advisors for their achievements. Long live World Advisors…

Daniel Osee S. Tchuimeni

Bangor University in the UK After my GCE A level and due to failure in competitive exams in Cameroon, I thought of continuing my studies in Europe which was an idea of my elder sister not knowing what to do since it was a domain where we were ignorant and by the grace of God we were directed to World Advisors where mummy Noelle helped us through the whole process…

Alvine Patricia N.

London School of Business and Finance Apres l’obtention de mon baccalauréat j’ai voulu continuer mes études a l’étranger. Après plusieurs tentatives de refus de visa, Je suis entrée en contact avec World Advisors qui m’a guidée et orientée dans mon choix de filière. Le début était un peu difficile avec la préparation du EILTS mais avec les conseils de Madame Marie-Noelle tout c’est bien passé.

Love Edrile Nganse

Waltham Forest College in London Studying abroad was my dream, so after having  my baccalaureat I started studying English in Cambridge of Douala. The first country that I tried to go to was the USA but I didn’t receive any admission letter.

Kosa Yobo D.P.S

Coventry University in the UK We have gone through many difficulties in trying to get a university abroad for my studies (i.e. London School of Business and Finance). Where the school almost disappeared with tuition fees but thanks to the help of God and World Advisors, we recovered the money.

Stephane Ndombol Bitjong

 Coventry University (UK) Préparer des études à l’étranger est un long parcours, c’est la raison pour laquelle j’invite les étudiants à s’y prendre le plutôt possible et de ménager aucun effort.

Jonathan Nkoto

Henley College Ça a été compliqué au début mais ça c’est très bien terminé. L’attente du passeport a été longue donc je pense qu’encourager les jeunes à s’y prendre tôt n’apportera que des avantages.



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